Thus our trio was born

Our trio was born in 2019, but that was not the first meeting for all three of us: Sergio and Matilde had actually been playing together for many years. They had started studying chamber music at the Conservatorio di Firenze, forming a piano and cello duo, and had immediately understood how beautiful and enriching it was to play together with others, as well as something they could hardly give up. They had then fallen in love with the beautiful repertoire for piano trio, and the search for a violinist to take this path had begun. After years of experience and research came the meeting with Emanuele, who had studied at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole: he too had played a lot of chamber music, especially in trios.

Our first rehearsal together was enlightening, with the feeling that from the first note there was a special understanding that made us feel musical, natural and free.

Thus our trio was born.

We were all already graduates and with the prospect of continuing our individual specialisation courses, but determined from the outset to invest in chamber music training. After our first experiences, we decided to try for admission to the Jeunesses Musicales International Music Campus in Weikersheim, a summer course in Germany with sensational teachers. Recording the admission video was difficult, because at that time the world was blocked by the pandemic and being able to rehearse was more complicated, but we managed to organise and make the most of the few opportunities available to us. Being admitted to the Campus was the first great achievement for us, and during those days in Weikersheim we got to know some incredible musicians, hear what could be created with chamber music, and realised how much work, despite our experience, we could and still wanted to do to grow. Inside, we were more and more convinced that perfecting our way of making music, making it personal and creating our own interpretation was the goal we aspired to the most, and at that moment more than ever we were convinced that this attitude would lead us on our way.

The years that followed were increasingly dense with activity: we travelled all over Italy, attended the Stauffer Academy in Cremona, and all three of us began studying in Switzerland, although each in a different city.

An intense period of trains taken, travel, rehearsals, admissions and many achievements.

2022 was finally the year in which all three of us came together in the same city and began our Chamber Music Masters in Lucerne and Bern, the year in which the dream that had guided us since we first met came true. Between lessons, rehearsals, concerts and competitions, our passion for music is what drives us to learn and grow and is always the beacon that guides us.